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Some how I think I was born in the wrong Era. Yes, you heard me right, and no, I’m not going crazy.  I don’t think you can go crazy when you are already there 🙂

Ever since I was a kid I NEVER liked things that were “hip” at the time everyone else liked.  I have always loved the late 60’s and Early 70’s Era’s.  Why? Good question, and if you know the answer let me know Paaahhhllleeease!!!. 

I love the music from back then too.  I try and try to listen to what is consider “hot” music of today, but I always find my way back to the Mamma’s and the Papa’s, Fleetwood Mac, Sweetwater (a band that was great they played at woodstock ), Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and other great artists from that Era. 

I realize that I’m wierd, there is no need to tell me that, as I already know.  But that is irrevalent (sp?) to what I’m trying to get at.  I think I missed my true Generation…yes that generation was called “Hippies”.  Am I the only one out there that believes that they are growing old in the wrong time?!?! Please don’t let me be the only one!! If I am I think i probably need to get some professional help!!!


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at least that post went through

okay well that post went through, I don’t knwo what is wrong with this computer….sometimes it will allow me to put the post up and others NOPE SORRY NOT GONNA DO IT, feels like I’m dealing with a child…ARGH


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please bare with me

i tried setting up the new computer today, and well i broke the hook up to the monitor part on the back of the computer, the computer works, but no monitor will register…I may have to give up this blog, and come back when I get a computer that works. ARGH!!!! I’ll keep you all posted!

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hello there!

I can not upload pictures on this stupid thing from home, and I have tried and tried and tried.  Looks like for at least my christmas memory post I will be posting over on blogger (when I get home, because my stupid computer didn’t email me my pictures here at work GRRRR i need a new computer!).  So tonight…go over to and read my Christmas memories post 🙂 (probably somewhere after 6 pm Central time 🙂 ).


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Hello there!

Tonight I will have pictures posted of my new hair 🙂  And maybe some memorie photos 🙂 


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Nintendo Wii

nintendowii.jpg       exp_wii_img.jpg

One of the tech guys over at the internet side, bought one of these and brought it here to the office and let us all try it out.  OMG HOW MUCH FUN THIS IS.  I’m sweating up a storm (fleece hoodie and turtle neck) just from bowling.  I WANT ONE I WANT ONE!!!!


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