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This Sums up my life at work! TO A PERFEFT T



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Famous People From Kansas : Thursdays

For my first edition of Famous People From This Boring State, Kansas : Thursdays, I have chosen none other than Amelia Earhart. Her story has fascinated all of our history books for years. I credit the photos, qoutes and summary of her story to the official Ameila Earhart website, which can be found here:

  • Ameila Earhart
  • .

    “Her mysterious disappearance has made her saga the holy grail of aviation”

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    When Amelia Earhart, 39, lifted off from Miami on June 1, 1937, no one thought to question what America’s favorite aviatrix was up to. After all, this was the Queen of Firsts: first woman passenger a transatlantic flight (1928), first femail pilot to fly solow across the Atlantic and first woman to receive the Destinguished Flying Cross (both 1932), first individual to launch a passenger airline (Boston and Maine Airways, 1933). It made perfect sense that Earhart would want to be the first ever to aeronavigate the globe. Only after Earhart and her twin-engine plane disappeared over the South Pacific and a 16-day, 4,000 man search produced no traces or clues – did questions beging to percolate.

    Sixty years later, authors, documentary markers and expedition buffs are still trying to unravel the riddle of Earhart’s disappearance. The standard she-ran-out-of-gas-and-crashed theory has been eclipsed by juicier speculation that the Kansas native was shot down while on a government spying mission. Depending on who tells the story, she a) died instantly, b) was excuted by the Japanese, c) became the anti-American radio voice of Tokyo Rose, d) bedded down with Emperor Hirohito, e) was relocated by G-men to New Jersey, where she made a life as a homemaker under an assumed name.

    No less intriguing are the posthumous assessments of her marriage to George Putman the publisher who launched Earhart’s career in 1928 by selecting her to be the first woman passenger to fly accross the Atlantic. (“I was just baggage,” she acknowledged.) Researchers alternately find the Earhart-Putman alliance: a) a marriage of convenience for both their careers, b) a Svengali-type affair in which he called the shots, c) a modern marriage in which both delighted in manipulating the media. All in all, the woman who claimed she flew simply “for the fun of it” has proved to be, in death more than in life, a) more complex, b) more mysterious, c) more provocative or, actually, d) all of the above. (credited to Peoples: Most Intriguing People of the Century)

    Some Qoutes from Amelia:

    “The stars seemed near enough to touch and never before have I seen so many. I always believed the lure of flying is the lure of beauty, but I was sure of it that night.”

    “One of my favorite phobias is that girls, especially those whose tastes aren’t routine, often don’t get a fair break… It has come down through the generations, an inheritance of age-old customs which produced the corollary that women are bred to timidity.”


    Birth Name: Amelia Mary Earhart
    Born: July 24, 1897
    Birthplace: Atchison, Kansas
    Died: July 2, 1937, en route from Lae, New Guinea to Howland Island
    Married: February 7, 1931, to George Putnam

    Where is Atchison, Kansas?

    It is northeast of Kansas City, and it is Total Est. Time: 4 hours, 4 minutes Total Est. Distance: 214.90 miles, from my town of Coffeyville, Ks. (just some interesting trivia for you 🙂 )

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    Some changes…

    As you all may know I post and blog about what I am thinking and when I am thinking it. Sometimes my posts do not make sense unless you live in my head. I have made the decision, that along with my regular postings throughout the days, and week, I am going to set theme’s for myself to abide by. Do not worry even if the theme for the day is something spetacular, I will still be posting what I think and what I believe on the days even if there is a specific theme for that day. I don’t know why I thought about this while on my lunch hour, I think it is because I get bored on that hour, lol, and think up new things to spice up this blog. So here are the daily themes:

    Mondays: Shocking News Stories of all times
    Tuesday: Self Portrait Tuesdays
    Wednesdays: History of the Author of this blog, ME!!! (well damnit it’s my blog!)
    Thursdays: Famous People from the great boring state of Kansas.
    Friday: The Most Interiguing People of the Century.


    Saturday and sundays is are free for me, do do what ever i want 🙂 EHEHEHEH.

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    BlogDay! 2006

    Well today is BlogDay, where all bloggers are incouraged to put down their 5 most favorite blogs with a little explanation of what those blogs are about. I however, just like my friend Barngoddess, could not pick out 5, you are all my blogger friends, and I love you all equally, and I just didn’t think that was fair to pick out just five, so I again, just like Barngoddess put all my daily reads on paper and cut them up and put them in a cup, and had my co-worker L. pull out five.

    These are the ones she pulled out, although they are not in order, lol, she threw them at me, LOL. She said I was strange! How dare she!! LOL.

    To Be Perfectly Clear
    Just My Thoughts
    Ramblings from the Reservation
    Rache’s Diary
    Truth is Freedom

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  • To Be Perfectly Clear
  • – I found Pavel over on my girls Barngoddess blog, thought I would go over and see what his blog was all about, and he quickly became one of my dail reads. He is always finding really neat stuff on the internet, and he shares his findings with us. I am always amazed on what he finds out there on this wide world web. Not to forget he has the most precious children one has ever seen, it just gets me how vivid their immaginations are, to be young again!!! SO you should go over and see what is on Pavel’s site, I’m sure he has something really neat!!!

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  • Just My Thoughts
  • I again started reading Redneckgirl from Bargoddess’ page. She is so truthful on what she writes, and she and I have a lot in common. She is a very beautiful young lady, who is raising 2 boys as a single mom. I have nothing but the most respect for her as it is hard in the day and age to be single, but even harder to be a single and a parent. She’s alovely girl, and I love her geniune posts. (i can’t spell either!!)

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  • Ramblings from the Reservation
  • This is my girl Barngoddess’ blog. I actually stumbled across her blog from a Crime blog back in April, when a teenage nimwhit faked her own kidnapping here in Kansas. We have become very good internet friends, and I love her posts. SHe is not afraid to be herself, and this is what I like about her, not to mention her absolutely GREAT pictures of her horse, Scooter, her weenie dog Elvis (anyone who has a weenie dog automatically get’s points with me, lol) and her cute little boy WeeOne. She also posts about the news that is happening which is great because it keeps us up with the current events, especially if you are not an avid news watcher or reader. I love her blog, and admire her for who she is 🙂

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  • Rachels Diary
  • Rachel has to be one of the funniest blogs I read throughout my day. It never fails I always laugh everytime I read her posts. She is not afraid to be herself, and voice her opinons of what she is thinking, and that is why I like reading her blog. Not to mention her emails or post so Belbo 🙂 She also finds the funniest and cutiest pictures to post along with her blogs. She has also become one of my best internet buddies. We message each other on the weekends, when she is bored with what she has to transcribe, and I try to keep her awake while she does it, I don’t think I do a good job though! I greatly enjoy reading her posts, when there is a new one on her blog, I get all excited!!!

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  • Truth is Freedom
  • I again came across Brian on Barngoddess’ page. I love reading his posts, he is a very talented writer, and poet, and I enjoy getting lost in is daily posts. He makes me laugh and sometimes tears come to my eyes as the passion in his writings are so soulful. He has such a great imagination, and I love visiting his blog.

    Also just to let everyone know that the links I have on this blog are the links I go to everyday, and I enjoy each and every link for something that they offer that the others don’t, it goes for EVERYONE, I do not play favorites, and I love each and everyone of you equally, you are my internet family, and you all keep me sane 🙂

    HAPPY BLOGDAY everyone I hope you enjoy my links, and you all have a blessed Thursday 🙂 (just think tomorrow is Friday, and then it is a 3 day weekend WOOHOO!!).


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    Bank Of America = Evil

    So today we got our checks a day early, good right?!? NO. I have never had a problem before with cashing a check or even depositing a check a day before the check date, until today.

    On my lunch hour I went through the drive thru at our local BOA, and as usual I wanted to cash the check and then I was gonna turn around and make a cash deposit, this has never been a problem. The teller comes back with “Susan we can’t cash or deposit the check until after 2pm because of the date on the check.” I looked up and said “This has never been a problem before.” and she continued to talk to me like I was retarded, and didn’t know what the hell I was talking about I said “fine, just give my crap back.” so she did, she told me to have a nice day, I said “Whatever” and I accidentally peeled out of the drive thru (i’m not used to my truck yet, it squeals tires alot!). So i went around the block and said “Hell, this is not right.” Then I pulled into the bank parking lot and found a deposit slip dated in July where I cashed my check and deposited BEFORE 2pm on a Wednesday, (i keep them in my purse for some odd reason, lol). SO, I marched my happy ass into the bank and asked the teller, she said I had to talk to the supervisor, so I went back and started talking to the supervisor.

    “I’m sorry we can’t do this until after 2pm, and even then you can’t draw money off the deposit until after 2pm tomorrow.” I stated my case, and showed her the deposit slip, “Well someone must of overlook this the last time.” She said to me, I stated “This is not the only deposit slip that is for a wednesday BEFORE 2pm. This is retarded, I have had nothing but problems with your bank over the last year. You’ve lost deposits, sat on cash deposits for 2 days, this bank is incompetant.” Is the jiff I said, throw in a couple of cuss words for the effect, hey I was highly pissed off. “I just want you to know that I will be closing my account.” She went to her desk, “that’s fine, what is your name and we will do it right now?” I looked at her, “I can’t DO IT RIGHT NOW I HAVE CHECKS OUT.” I stated she looked up at me, “Ma’am there is not reason for you to yell at me. This is our policy and we can’t do it” I looked at her and said “Bet your policy will change tomorrow when somene who has more money than me wants to cash their check before 2pm the day before it is dated” She just looked at me and said nothing, “That’s what I thouhgt.” She stated “You can leave now.” I said “Gladly.” She was standing in the doorway to her office and I said “Just to let you know this young lady *she wasn’t young by any means* was very nice to me, you on the other hand can go to hell” and with that I was out of there.

    I went to wal-mart and cashed my check there, no problems they handed me the money right over. I then went back to the drive thru (hey I have checks out and I need the money in the account) of the Evil Bastards, and deposited my cash. They had NO PROBLEM making the deposit at that time, and then with their little smartass selves “Susan, we have you all fixed up, thank you and have a nice day” I said “Whatever” and off I was. I didn’t even have time to eat or smoke a cig on my lunch break, I couldn’t have ate anyways I was way to upset.

    I get back to work and I find out that one of the other girls who bank at the same bank was able to Deposit her f’in check at 11:30 WITH NO PROBLEMS!!! This is why I”M SO HIGHLY PISSED OFF. She even got cash off the deposit AT 11:30 IN THE FREAKING MORNING!!!! I don’t know I’m switching banks I do know that much. The Teachers Credit union here do not treat their customers like that, and I’m going there with my next pay check. Damn assholes!!!


    THis chickadee is on a strick diet. I bought like a never ending supply of Slim fast and Ensure. And you’d think that I like vegetables and fruit the way I hit the produce isle this evening at the store. Actually I can’t stand vegetables or fruit, lol, but I’m gonna force myself to eat them because it is part of my diet, will drink 2 slim fasts a day one for breakfast one for lunch, and ensure for a mid afternoon snack (when I seem to get the munchies), and then I’m fixing like baked chicken or fish with salad, and fresh vegetables and fruit. I’m sticking with this, I’m tired of being the only fat pig in my family, and everyone else has lost 20 to 35 pounds, and they aren’t even FAT, it irks me, I feel unattractive and slobby because of the fat I’m carrying around. I also walked with the pups tonight before sitting down, knowing that if I sat down I wouldn’t get back up to do the walk, because um, I’m lazy!

    Well with that said I’m either going to watch Mean Girls (for the 1 millionth time) or The Ringer, don’t know which one yet.

    TAH TAH for now!!!


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    BuhBye Gabbly

    As much as I hated to take it off, the Gabbly chatter is now gone, I know *Sniff Sniff*, but I have had a lot of problems while it was on there, computer slowing down, people not being able to read the posts, so I was forced to take it off. But thanks to all of you great people who I have met and chatted on there 🙂 I sure hope you still come back and enjoy my boring life here in kansas!!!

    *NOTE* I have a matter I want to blog about but right now i’m way to PISSED to blog about it so I’ll post it tonight when I get home from work and doing laundry. Here’s a hint BANK OF AMERICA are nothing but bastards! K, well that should hold u over until I can post what I really want too but to pissed to do it right now!!!

    Tah Tah for now!!!


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    Wednesday Thoughts…

    So I’ve been thinking really really hard about moving, moving far far away. So far that you can’t even scream at me and I will hear you, lol. No really when I visited my sista Diana 5 years ago (damn that’s been a long time ago!!) I absolutely fell in love with Washington state. It’s been on my mind for the last couple of months that I really really want to just up and move there. The only thing of course that is holding me back is my family, money, and job…oh and not having anywhere to live when I get there. LOL.

    I know that one day I will end up there, as I’m in love with the state. It’s a love affair between me and the state. The state keeps repeating “Susan, come to me, susan come to me” and I keep saying “But i can’t, I just can’t!” lol. I’m a strange cookie, and I know this.

    So this subject has been laying heavily on my mind. I just don’t know what to do. I really want to just up and leave and start a new life somewhere else, I think that this would make me happier in the long run. But the actual part of doing it is another thing. I can hear my mother now…”This is a big mistake, BIG BIG BIG, mistake”…I don’t know…..


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