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Happy Halloween!!!


 Everyone have a happy and safe Halloweenie night 🙂


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K, um I just posted this really long post and um, I can’t find it, errr, I hate learning to things LOL.

I just got done watching Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead, a new lifetime show.  This woman is the first in a very long time to make me believe what she is actually saying.  She had 3 readings tonight and she was dead on all 3 of them, without any previous knowledge of the back story or whom she was meeting for the reading.  I think that she is a better medium then John Edwards and Sandra from Montel, truly I do. I have never seen a “pyschic” in real life, always on tv.  But, I think that in some way we are all little pyschic, it’s just allowing ourselves to open up in such a way. 

I have had dejavu all my life since i was a young girl.  I know what the scientific world describes dejavu as, and I say PFFFT. on all of that scientific jaz.  I have always had the ability to dream things before they happen, not RIGHT before they happen it could be months or years down the road before they happen.  I have recently kept a dream journal, its on a different blog, and it’s not a published blog, it’s only for me.  But I have seen similarities of what I’ve expierenced in past dreams that happen later in real life.  Freaky huh?!?

As you all know I have a “bubba”, and he has been so active the last 3 nights.  A little to active for my liking, he kept me up most of the night last night with his fun and games. I do believe this spirite is a male between the ages of 8 and 10.  He’s just to playful to be an older male, and I get the Male vibe not the female vibe frome the spirit.  Now no one ever died in this apartment to my knowledge, which I can ask my land lord on Wednesday if this is true, it’s been in her family since she was born.  I will ask if her son and his wife ever experienced strange occurances in here.  Nothing scary, just out of sorts, like bread on the floor doors openin themselves you know the normal stuff.  I will let you all know.

I think all of us could do some sort of medium if we really just open up to it.  I don’t allow myself to do it very often, because I am afraid of getting in contact of someone evil, and that would just freak my sh8t out.  I am not about the evil dark things, sure I watch scary movies, but that is for the thrill, or the laughs, but to actually experience the reality of an evil entity would be to much for this chic to hadle.

I know, I know show me to my padded cell now, and throw away the key.  But, I know that I’m not the only one that thinks this.  I know that some of you actually believe what I’m saying, that you too have had some experiences or thoughts or “dejavu” that you just could not explain as to why you experienced, or thought those things. 

Give me some of you input!


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Two Week Notice?

Well we just got our “unoffical” two weeks notice from our boss today.  So on November 13 I’ll be joining the people standing in line at the unemployement office to file for unemployement YIPPEE!!

 So, this means NO tooth being pulled for me next week, I get to suffer with the pain, until I can muster up 260 for it.  That is AFTER paying my ungodly high CC bill, GRRR.


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Made the move

Well, I have joined the banwagon of unhappy blogspot user’s and came over to wordpress.  Bare with me as I try to figure all of this out, good gawd, it took me FOREVER to figure out blogger!!! GEESH


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Hello it’s MONDAY

Yippe freaking skippy, it’s Monday! I’m here at work, barely working, okay okay, not working at all.

My tooth is once again infected, fun shtuff (i misspelt that on purpose). I get it pulled next tuesday, yea!

Yesterday I flipped between A Haunted on discover channel and Th Scariest Places on Earth on Family Channel 🙂 It was purdy cool. Watched home alone 2 times yesterday, I was a bit bored you think?

Nothing really to report, I will however be making the transition over to wordpress i’m following Barngoddess’ lead, blogger is just sucking majorly these days, and it’s getting on my nerves. 🙂

Have a nice monday!


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Not again…

I was sitting in my recliner today and I rubbed my nose, and something fell off it, and then puss came out of the end of my nose. GOOD GAWD NOT AGAIN! I wonder if this is not a staff infection instead of a bite, where the hell did i get a staff infection?

It doesn’t hurt like the one back in May did, course it is also just starting out the EXACT same way as that bite did in May. That didn’t hurt until later about 3 days after I found it.

I have some meds that I’m taking for my never ending toothache (yes, still have that) so hopefully it will clear this up as well.

Here are some pictures of what it looks like tonight, this is what it looked like in the beginning the last time you may not be able to tell anything is different about my nose in the pics, but, I can tell you this that my nose is swollen, and I look like rudolph the read nose pumpkin (since it’s halloween and all 🙂 ).

Wish me luck in hopes that this doesn’t make my whole face swell like it did the last time.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I got this over off my girls Barngoddess site. It’s my sign candy (for the holidays)
It is nothing like me I do not collect Pez Dispensers nor do I like Moundsy, ICK. LOL.

Sagittarius Candy (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21)
Sagittarius isn’t the most materialistic sign in the world, but there are some things that these folks do collect. One of them is Pez dispensers. (These justice-lovers have a special fondness for the ones depicting superheroes.) Archers always dream of visiting distant lands, which is probably why they enjoy Mounds bars … nothing evokes swaying palm trees than that delicious coconut taste! Naturally, these jokesters adore Chuckles, too.


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