Nintendo Wii

nintendowii.jpg       exp_wii_img.jpg

One of the tech guys over at the internet side, bought one of these and brought it here to the office and let us all try it out.  OMG HOW MUCH FUN THIS IS.  I’m sweating up a storm (fleece hoodie and turtle neck) just from bowling.  I WANT ONE I WANT ONE!!!!



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3 responses to “Nintendo Wii

  1. Man I don’t know either it’s to expensieve or they will play so much that they wouldn’t do anything else. I know if I get started playing a game I’m hooked for weeks like a drug then my family has a intervention. damn you mario’s brothers for getting me started,”they are the pusher men”

  2. Dianak- I’m hooked and I only played for 15 minutes. It will come down in price after christmas I’m sure. Right now everyone is sold out, they only got a limit of like 3 to 14 of them at each wal-mart. I’m waiting until summer.

  3. I heard this was cool! I never actually knew anyone who tried it out tho, now I do 🙂

    how much do these things cost? my 12 yo wanted this for XMAS but I had no idea what it was. I bought him a PSP w/ 2 games and that was $360-geesh!

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