Hello there!

Tonight I will have pictures posted of my new hair 🙂  And maybe some memorie photos 🙂 



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6 responses to “Hello there!

  1. new hair? huh? pictures!!!!!! hurry!!!

  2. Alright! A new Christmas “DO”! Bring it on!! 🙂 D

  3. BG – yup i went a little bit blonder, but I don’t think it will show in the pictures 😦 I’m gonna have my mom and dad take the pics sometime this week I don’t take great ‘self portraits’ lol.

    Feline Frisky – YUPPERS I’m getting all primped up for my man 🙂 Yes I said MAN. LOL.

  4. Where are the pics, baby sis?

  5. rachel – i haven’t figured out the self timer mode on my camera I hope to have pictures tomorrow, I didn’t fix my hair this morning it’s in a pony tail, I think I’m gonna go to my parents house and have dad take a pic of me in front of their christmas tree 🙂 It’s so much prettier than mine, and bigger, i have a charlie brown tree!

  6. My goodness! Where are ya? Should we be worried? Call on the police for you? Emt’s?

    Or perhaps your recovering from bad hair? LOL

    Hey, let us know you’re alive! I’ll keep watch now! D 🙂

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