at least that post went through

okay well that post went through, I don’t knwo what is wrong with this computer….sometimes it will allow me to put the post up and others NOPE SORRY NOT GONNA DO IT, feels like I’m dealing with a child…ARGH



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5 responses to “at least that post went through

  1. ARGH!! I hate computer woes! Is this the NEW ‘puter you’re having troubles with or the old one?

    Hope all is well, have missed hearing from you!

    Have a happy! D 🙂

  2. kshippychic

    Yuck to computer suckages!! It seeems to be an epidemic lately!! I hope you get it all running soon.

  3. yes, my puter has been running like sh*t lately too grrrrrrrr

    have you tried posting in explorer?

  4. Ok? I am still here! Are you well? Please, a note – comment anything! D 🙂

  5. Susan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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