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Two Week Notice?

Well we just got our “unoffical” two weeks notice from our boss today.  So on November 13 I’ll be joining the people standing in line at the unemployement office to file for unemployement YIPPEE!!

 So, this means NO tooth being pulled for me next week, I get to suffer with the pain, until I can muster up 260 for it.  That is AFTER paying my ungodly high CC bill, GRRR.



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Hello it’s MONDAY

Yippe freaking skippy, it’s Monday! I’m here at work, barely working, okay okay, not working at all.

My tooth is once again infected, fun shtuff (i misspelt that on purpose). I get it pulled next tuesday, yea!

Yesterday I flipped between A Haunted on discover channel and Th Scariest Places on Earth on Family Channel 🙂 It was purdy cool. Watched home alone 2 times yesterday, I was a bit bored you think?

Nothing really to report, I will however be making the transition over to wordpress i’m following Barngoddess’ lead, blogger is just sucking majorly these days, and it’s getting on my nerves. 🙂

Have a nice monday!


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Scared, cold and tired….blah

Well J and I had a nice evening, I went over there around 8:30 this evening, we then went to bville to walmart, where he needed some things. We got back home around Midnight. I headed back home where I just about side swibed some poor bastard as he was in my blind spot. I truly felt sorry but thankfully i corrected myself before I actually did any damage, I’m sure he about pissed his pants (pissed is um my word of choice it seems, lol).

I came home to a pretty cold home, I’m not turning my heaters on until I absolutely have to! I have an electric blanket so at least i will not freeze while I sleep.

I watched the new horror movie “Stay Alive” and well um…I’m scared now LOL. I’m glad I’m not a gamer! Not that a game can come to life or anything, but still the concept of the movie freaked my crap out! I don’t mind horror movies, I love to watch them actually, but this is the first one ever that I’ve actually talked to the damn tv, telling the poor bastards to get out!! LOL, I went a bit insane on them, lol. It’s a pretty good flick if you are into horror!! The scariest part to me was Angelina Jolie’s brother, not his character just him, himself. He’s a little freaky!!! LOL.

Well like the title states I’m Scared, freezing to death (my body is shivering as I type this you can see my breath, it’s a sad ordeal really, lol, I need to NOT be stubborn and turn the heat on), and I’m extremely tired.

So until next post, you all have an absolutely lovely Early Saturday morning!!! NIGHTERS!!!


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