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Not again…

I was sitting in my recliner today and I rubbed my nose, and something fell off it, and then puss came out of the end of my nose. GOOD GAWD NOT AGAIN! I wonder if this is not a staff infection instead of a bite, where the hell did i get a staff infection?

It doesn’t hurt like the one back in May did, course it is also just starting out the EXACT same way as that bite did in May. That didn’t hurt until later about 3 days after I found it.

I have some meds that I’m taking for my never ending toothache (yes, still have that) so hopefully it will clear this up as well.

Here are some pictures of what it looks like tonight, this is what it looked like in the beginning the last time you may not be able to tell anything is different about my nose in the pics, but, I can tell you this that my nose is swollen, and I look like rudolph the read nose pumpkin (since it’s halloween and all 🙂 ).

Wish me luck in hopes that this doesn’t make my whole face swell like it did the last time.

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I got this over off my girls Barngoddess site. It’s my sign candy (for the holidays)
It is nothing like me I do not collect Pez Dispensers nor do I like Moundsy, ICK. LOL.

Sagittarius Candy (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21)
Sagittarius isn’t the most materialistic sign in the world, but there are some things that these folks do collect. One of them is Pez dispensers. (These justice-lovers have a special fondness for the ones depicting superheroes.) Archers always dream of visiting distant lands, which is probably why they enjoy Mounds bars … nothing evokes swaying palm trees than that delicious coconut taste! Naturally, these jokesters adore Chuckles, too.



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Whatever I had this weekend got much much worse sunday night around 3 am. I had the stomach virus, EWWWW. I went to work yesterday only to leave an hour and half into my day to go home and back to bed. I got home around 10 am yesterday and slept until 3pm and then got up and piddled around, and went back to be for the remaining day and evening. Went to sleep around 10:30 pm, and woke up at 7 am. I have had nothing to eat in 24 hrs, other than a French Vanilla hot chocolate.

I’m starving right now, so I assume that is a good thing!! Lunch is in about an hour.


I’ll post more later!


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Scared, cold and tired….blah

Well J and I had a nice evening, I went over there around 8:30 this evening, we then went to bville to walmart, where he needed some things. We got back home around Midnight. I headed back home where I just about side swibed some poor bastard as he was in my blind spot. I truly felt sorry but thankfully i corrected myself before I actually did any damage, I’m sure he about pissed his pants (pissed is um my word of choice it seems, lol).

I came home to a pretty cold home, I’m not turning my heaters on until I absolutely have to! I have an electric blanket so at least i will not freeze while I sleep.

I watched the new horror movie “Stay Alive” and well um…I’m scared now LOL. I’m glad I’m not a gamer! Not that a game can come to life or anything, but still the concept of the movie freaked my crap out! I don’t mind horror movies, I love to watch them actually, but this is the first one ever that I’ve actually talked to the damn tv, telling the poor bastards to get out!! LOL, I went a bit insane on them, lol. It’s a pretty good flick if you are into horror!! The scariest part to me was Angelina Jolie’s brother, not his character just him, himself. He’s a little freaky!!! LOL.

Well like the title states I’m Scared, freezing to death (my body is shivering as I type this you can see my breath, it’s a sad ordeal really, lol, I need to NOT be stubborn and turn the heat on), and I’m extremely tired.

So until next post, you all have an absolutely lovely Early Saturday morning!!! NIGHTERS!!!


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