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Tired, cold, and have a headache

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWell I went to be pretty early last night, I had a major migraine sneak up on me last night. I still Have it today. It’s the change of the weather, I get sick whenever the seasons change, it stinks really.

I’m tired too, must be the head ache, and I’m cold, which must be the headache again, I want to go home (I was supposed to have today off, but um somehow that got thrown out the window, pfft).

Everyone here has an interview with the Airplane plant, BUT, me. I don’t have one. O’shittin well. I guess I’m not good enough if I don’t have someone on the inside pushing my resume like people do when they push drugs. I went through the job service, and hopefully they will call me, if not another factory is hiring they make plastic pipes. YEW, what fun. I don’t care I just need a job that I make the amount or more then what I make now. I don’t want to loose everything I have.

It’s going to be a shit day in the neighborhood, and I may just go home this afternoon, forget everyone else at this job, I have a headache from hell and I want to go to bed!.


Photobucket - Video and Image HostingDescription: Silverfish are always wingless and are silvery to brown in color because their bodies are covered with fine scales. They are generally soft bodied. Adults are up to 3/4 inch long, flattened from top to bottom, elongated and oval in shape, have three long tail projections and two long antennae.

Habitat, Food Source(s): Silverfish are chewing insects and general feeders but prefer carbohydrates and protein, including flour, dried meat, rolled oats, paper and even glue. They and can survive long periods, sometimes over a year, without food but are sensitive to moisture and require a high humidity (75% to 90%) to survive. They also have a temperature preference between 70 and 80 degrees F. They are fast running and mostly active at night and generally prefer lower levels in homes, but may be found in attics.

GOOD GAWD WHAT ELSE CAN GO WRONG…I contribute my silverfish problem to the garage below me that is pack full of shit. Not my shit, but shit non-the-less. This is disgusting, I’m a clean person, why do I have this problem?



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Bats, and other things

Well lets see the Video blog I looked horrible!!! I either look stoned out of my mind or exhausted, and I know I wasn’t stoned, so must of been the exhausted part.

See a couple of nights ago I went outside with dogs in tow to let them use the potty, and I heard fluttering in the Evergreen tree above me. This is one BIG evergreen (i think that is what it is, i’m pretty much stupid on trees). I didn’t think much of it then, just went along my business and so did the doggies.

Last night I go outside and I hit the screen door on one of the branches, and this black thing came and dive bombed my head, it was around 9 o’clock so it was pretty dark outside, and when I bent down to put the pups in their outside pen, it did it again. I got a look at it, it resembled a bat, yes, a bat. I about pissed my pants, Jade was extremely scared out of skin, and didn’t want to go potty. Katie, was oblivious to the whole ordeal, she had business to take care of.

I come back inside and IM James. “Are there bats in this area?” and came back with “Yes.” and I said “I just had one dive bomb my head” and he laughed. I didn’t think it was that funny myself. So I have a bat in my tree, just great. I wonder if the dog catcher will take in bats. I know I will not invite the bat in, so that way there will be no chance of him sucking my blood and turning me into a vampire, LOL.

Today I’ve been in an off mood. Rachel knows this. My job is beginning to suck sweaty goat balls, graphic huh? I have cried 3 times while sitting at my desk at work. No one noticed, I can cry very quietly, the tears just build up and fall out of my eye sockets. I don’t know what is wrong with me right now. It’s like im PRE Pmsing or something. My lower back is killing me, I can’t seem to find a comfortable posistion to sit, and I basically just want to go home, and never come back to this place ever again. But, I know that this can not happen, I mean I DO have to get a paycheck somehow. I thought about working the corner of our busiest street in town to earn some extra cash flow. But, I don’t know.

I will post more video blogs, but I will make sure I look 100 percent better than I did last night, good gawd, can we say catirpillar (sp?) crawling across my forhead, GEESH!!!


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Scared, cold and tired….blah

Well J and I had a nice evening, I went over there around 8:30 this evening, we then went to bville to walmart, where he needed some things. We got back home around Midnight. I headed back home where I just about side swibed some poor bastard as he was in my blind spot. I truly felt sorry but thankfully i corrected myself before I actually did any damage, I’m sure he about pissed his pants (pissed is um my word of choice it seems, lol).

I came home to a pretty cold home, I’m not turning my heaters on until I absolutely have to! I have an electric blanket so at least i will not freeze while I sleep.

I watched the new horror movie “Stay Alive” and well um…I’m scared now LOL. I’m glad I’m not a gamer! Not that a game can come to life or anything, but still the concept of the movie freaked my crap out! I don’t mind horror movies, I love to watch them actually, but this is the first one ever that I’ve actually talked to the damn tv, telling the poor bastards to get out!! LOL, I went a bit insane on them, lol. It’s a pretty good flick if you are into horror!! The scariest part to me was Angelina Jolie’s brother, not his character just him, himself. He’s a little freaky!!! LOL.

Well like the title states I’m Scared, freezing to death (my body is shivering as I type this you can see my breath, it’s a sad ordeal really, lol, I need to NOT be stubborn and turn the heat on), and I’m extremely tired.

So until next post, you all have an absolutely lovely Early Saturday morning!!! NIGHTERS!!!


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