I’ve been Tagged 2 times

Well I have been tagged by two different people, Dianak, and Rachel, on two different things.  SO here it goes.

The first one is I am to list 6 wierd things about myself.  SO here we go, and hopefully I have friends after this, lol.

1.  I collect newspapers, magazines, books.  Doesn’t matter what book, magazine, or newspaper it is, I most have it.  I have a tub full of newspapers right now in my closet, and no, I can not bring myself to throw them away!  I did break down a couple of weeks ago and threw out most of my magazines though.  Books I’m into all books, doesn’t matter if I would never read them, y ou never know I might want to read that stupid book over in the corner one day. 

2.  I can’t stand shoes or socks.  If I had my choice we would be allowed to wear no shoes or socks out in public.  The first thing I do when I come home is tear my shoes and socks off, along with my bra,which I also hate, but not as much as shoes or socks.

3. I have this intense feeling that everyone is always talking bad about me behind my back.  No matter if thye are or not, if there is a group of people out there, and I see them and they see me and then they start to talk, I automatically start to think they are talking about me. 

4.  I can not stand other peoples feet.  Feet to me are the most ugliest things on the planet.  Do not touch any part of my body or clothes for that matter with your stinky ass feet, i’ll be sure to hit you.

5.   I can not stand it when people scrape their teeth on their forks.  I want to grab the fork from their fat little stubby hands and stab them with it.  It is worse than finger nails on a chalkboard, OMG, the sound I am cringing now just thinking about it.

6.  I must have clean hands (which to me is wierd because I get sick so often).  If my hands feel grimy I have to either wash them or rinse them off with santizer.  I do not shaking strange peoples hands, that’s just nasty to me, but I do shake their hand it’s impolite not to, but the whole entire time I’m thinking “where has this hand been?  Did they wash their hands after using the restroom” I almost throw up when I have to shake someones hand.

 K, that is my 6 wierd things about me.

Now the 2nd is from Rachel give 8 memerioes you cherish the most.

1.  I was about 5 years old and I was outside playing, making mud pies.  I was pouring the muddy murky water into my “toy coffee” pot and having myself a Little Coffee party with my dolls and barbies.  I had a cup it was empty i put it up to my lips and started the motions of drinking the “muddy coffee” and my mom freaked.  “NO NO Susie don’t drink that!” I looked at her and said “it’s empty ma, geesh” and she laughed and she told me when she was a little girl she told her little sister that their mud pies were really pies, and told her to eat it and she did.  I said “Ma that’s mean, and gross.” and I called my aunt up and called her a “foolish fool, to let someone do that to her!” she laughed until she cried, I thought she was crying because she was upset that I called her a “foolish fool”.

2. This isn’t actually a memeroy it’s someone’s memory of me.  But, it doesn’t matter how many times I hear it I get a hoot out of it.  I was probably 2 or 3 at the time, and my grandy (the one that recently passed) took me to the bathroom because she had to use the ‘potty’.  I told her she was to big to sit on the ‘potty’.  You know because when you are that little you still have to hold yourself with your hands on the pot so you don’t fall in.  She was so tickled because I was soooo serious. LOL.

3.  I was about 4 and my brother was jumping up and down on the bed acting like the fool he is, and I told him that he would hurt himself, and he told me to go away.  Heard a crash and saw my brother’s butt and feet inside the house but the rest of his body outside the house.  He had fallen through the window, and I said “told you so.” and went to tell my ma.

4.  Being the clutz I am, Diana her brother and myself went down the creek.  I say Diana, and I were probably 5th or 6th grade.  I was not allowed down at the creek, but I went anyways.  There was this rope swing hanging from the tree and you could swing across the creek it was a blast.  Me being the smart one, decided I was going to swing backwards…somehow I ended up in the creek.  I got grounded and Diana got sent home by my mom.

5. All the times I played “Friday the 13th” with Diana and her brother.  Or ghost in the graveyard, any game really.  I spent most of my life with Diana and her family!

6.  Laura and I were waiting in line at the Kansas City Air port to check our bags.  We were off to Portland to visit Diana. Can’t quite remember the details of this, Laura would, but there was a lady in the front of us who was basically accusing us of cutting infront of her 12 year old son.  We did not, we were clearly in front of him the whole entire time.  She stated to him something like he has to watch out for people like us, who would take advantage of him being so young.  Laura came out with “Listen here lady, we didn’t cut infront of your stupid son (something like that) and I don’t appreciate you saying we did (something like that).” I stood there in line my mouth hung open and thinking, “Whoa, this isn’t the Laura I came with.” LoL.

7.  Diana and I used to fight over this boy named Steve.  Why we fough over Steve I don’t know he didn’t turn out to be anybody special after we all grew up.  But Steve lived down the street from her, and I had a crush on him.  I kissed him once, and so did she, we caught each other both times, we were so mad at each other we could spit nails out at each other.  Steve I’m sure was enjoying this.  Diana’s mom sat us both down, both our faces tear streaked from crying stating “Now girls no boy is worth fighting over and ruining a friendship over.”  And she sent Steve home. LOL.

8.  When and anytime my grandfather would call me “His Special Angel”.  When he said that my face would light up and I’d be glowing for the rest of the day.  I would wait to hear those 4 words “You’re my Special Angel” and then my day would be a good one.  He didn’t say it all the time, only when we were working on a project together.  He’d pat my head and said “You’re my Special angel”.



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Sick and other things

Well I have mono, I could not type a lenghthy post at home because the computer eats posts that are more than a sentence long.  Why I don’t know.  But, that is what I have, I’m back at work today tired as heck, leaving at NOON. 

Sunday was my birthday, in all actuality it was like any other ordinary day, besides the Happy Birthday Wishes.  I stayed in and did nothing but want Party of Five Season 2.  I have had no energy to do anything but watch TV and sleep 😦

In other news, my Grandmother at the age of 86 years passed away on November 30th at 9:15 in the morning.  We had her graveside funeral Saturday at 3:00 pm.  I will greatly miss my grandy (that’s what I called her) but I know she is in a better place now and with her mom dad and my grandfather.  I will again see her one day, but until then it will be hard to be here on earth with out her.   It’s also hard to see my mom and her 2 sisters go through what they are going through, adjusting to having no parents.  That is a sad thought, and one day I will to like everyone will have to expierence not having a mom or a dad, but I’m not going to think about that it’s just to hard.

Other than that I really have nothing to report, interesting wise.

Just want to thank everyone for their Happy Bday wishes and to Lisa for the gift certificate from the Fashion Bug, can’t wait until I get my nice cozy sweater!!!!


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Let It Snow!!

Snow 3Snow 2Let it SnowTruck under Snow (just click on the tumbnail to view the whole picture 🙂 )Here are some pictures of our “Blizzard 2006”.  Just to let you all know I HATE SHOVELING SNOW and I had to do it today in order to do laundry!!! GRRR…..


 The picture in the header is plaque that I have sitting on my TV.  It was my mom’s she gave it to me, it is a Christmas Decoration that I have grown up with all my life.  I’m so thrilled she gave it to me!!!


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I’m here

Hey there I’m alive.   I’ve been very very sick this whole week and at home 😦 I’ll post more when I’m not sneezing my head off. PROMISE!!!


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My Dream

I have this reoccuring nightmare, I dont’ get it everynight, just sometimes.  It will probably seem so silly to others, but last night I woke up at 3 am with my heart pounding and my body shaking.  I had to get up and smoke a cig before I could go back to sleep, that is how bad this nightmare scared me.  This nightmare always consists of my friends and myself running for our lives from Jason.  Yes, the Jason from Friday the 13th movies.  I don’t know what it is, but I have had this dream for years and years.  It’s always different and besides myself it always consits of a different group of characters.  And yes, it scares the living day lights out of me.  When I have this dream I never feel completely rested the next day.

This is how the dream (parts I can remember) played out last night. 

We, meaning myself and like 2 other people, my friend here from work LeAnn and the woman who plays the mom on That 70’s Show (think she represented someone else, but I am not for sure).  We were in this mansion, a big ASS one as that, we were looking at the beautiful decor and art.  We knew we were in “Jasons” mansion, but in this dream he was a bit different.  He was an actual man, a young HOT man, and he only turned into Jason when he was highly upset about something, once he put on the Hockey Mask all hell broke loose, but he would take the mask on and off and he would change.  Oh, just remembered what the “Kitty” was she was his mother.  Anyways.  We were walking around the 1st floor waiting for “Jason” to come from upstairs.  We weren’t scared of the Man Jason, he was nice to us, until his mother said something to piss him off. I kept telling her “Please, just shut up, please don’t make him mad.  Please I beg you.”  I believe that “Jason” and I had a romantic relationship, or else how would I know this?  More on that later.  But this chick just nagging the hell out of him.  He was trying to be a good sport about everything, until he couldn’t just take it anymore.  By then I had whispered to my friend LeAnn “Once you see him grab that mask over there, RUN!” She was like “Huh?” I just said “Trust me, just follow me.” She just shrugged her shoulders. 

Jason couldn’t take the nagging anymore, and he grabbed for the mask, I looked at LeAnn and mouthed “RUN” and we took off in a dead run up the stairs, God there were a lot of them.  She asked “What is going on?” Or something to the effect.  I don’t remember what I said but when I said it she pee’d her pants, yes actually I saw in my dream her peeing her pants.  We ran and ran and ran.  I think we were in this attic by this point, his mother was right behind us.  Course everyone knows that “Jason” doesn’t run, but he was still close behind us. 

We got into the attic and we were in this gigantic bathroom, yes, a bathroom in the attic, dont’ ask, I don’t know.  We were so desperatly trying to find a place to hide.  In my dream my name was not Susan it was “Phoebe” i don’t know why on that either.  You know you never have much time to find a place, but the time THEY found their places I was scampering around the room like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to find a place to hide, which of course it being myself I didn’t.   So I’m standing there looking like an idiot when the door comes open.  It’s “Jason” but he doesn’t have his mask on.  He has some girl under her arms draggin her like she’s a rag doll.  She’s screaming and crying and pleading for her life.  I ask him to take me instead and he said something like “Honey, I can not do that.” And he goes around looking for his mother and LeAnn.  “they aren’t in here with me, I don’t know where they are.” I blurted out.  He looks at me and turns around and as he exits the door.  “I’ll be back for you.”

Okay now we all know that “Jason” doesn’t talk this is the first time EVER in my nightmare have I ever had a conversation with him. 

I was running around and LeAnn and the mother get out of their hiding places and we run into the toilet stalls.  I’m running around looking for somewhere to hid.  I look in a toilet stall and it is filled with nothing but dead girls in Prom dresses???  I hide in there with them.  I can remember the smell I didn’t know you could smell in your dreams but I did here.  They were all bloody and some of their eyes were opened.  I heard the door open again.  I knew it was him I just stood there in the sea of dead girls hoping he would noticed.  He walked around the room and I heard the door close.  I sighed in relief.  Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and I screamed.  I turned around and there was this girl in the stall with me (i don’t know who she was), and she said “I’ve been here for two days, I think.” I told her to follow me I know where to go.  She and I wrestle our way out of the sea of dead girls.  I can’t find my friend LeAnn or the mother.  So i shrug my shoulders and go on with this chick following me. 

That’s when I woke up at 3 am.  My heart pounding and shaking. 

Then I go back to sleep I’m still being chased by “Jason” and this time he is even meaner before.  It never failed that ever corner I turned he was waiting for me and some random stranger I picked up in different hiding places.  When I woke up to the alarm I was waiting in a closet hoping that he would check it with some girl I didn’t even know. 

What does this all mean? And why do I keep having dreams that “Jason” is after me to kill me.  MOst importantly why did I dream this time that we were Lovers?  And why was he normal when he didn’t have the mask on?  I don’t quite understand this dream.  The past times I was just running from the regular “Jason” in my neighborhood trying to get away, I always got away, my friends however did not 😦  I don’t know what to interrept this dream as.


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Books and Christmas, that’s about it.

I was gonna try to post a pic on this stupid thing, NOT WORKING, AM I AN IDIOT?!?! Why isn’t this working for me?!?! LOL.

I’m reading a GREAT book by Judy Blume. Yes, you heard me right Judy Blume, as in the children and young adult author, Judy Blume.  But, wait, I’m not done.  She has 2 novels out that are written for Adults this one was published in 2005 the other one was 15 years ago.  I’m reading Summer Sisters, and OH MY GOSH, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.  I’m almost done with it.  I highly recommend this book, especially if you have a best friend, because then you will be able to put yourselves and your friend into these characters (no matter the time periods). 

Here is what someone wrote about it: “The emotional connection a person can form with one true friend can be the most formative experience in a person’s life. In Summer Sisters, Judy Blume explores the friendship that spans 18 years in the lives of two women and the lasting effect this relationship has on both of them….Summer Sisters is her first foray into adult fiction in nearly 15 years, and it is well worth the wait….Blume creates a rich tapestry of characters, revealing all the hidden emotions lying beneath the surface. Summer Sisters is an exceptionally moving story that can leave the reader laughing and crying at various points, sometimes at the same time. Blume’s talent lies in creating characters you can see yourself in, and, hopefully, we won’t have to wait another 15 years for her to delve into the adult landscape again.”
The Denver Post

So the time has come to once again exchange Christmas Cards (or Holiday Cards if you’d rather call it such, me it’s Christmas).  If you want to be on my list of Card getters this year just email me and we can exchange addresses 🙂

Email is as follows (can’t believe i’m posting my email on my blog, lol, I MUST BE NUTS) syates13@cox.net (all lower case letters, except the numbers of course HEHHE :o) 

That’s all really for today…BARNGODDESS I’m still working on part III…I have rewritten that part 4 times now!!! I can’t get it right GRRR.


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